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ELEVATE'S Lacrosse Leagues provide a fun, safe, and supportive environment for youth and high school boys and girls to compete, learn, and grow.

ELEVATE'S Leagues run outdoors in the Summer / Fall and indoors in the Winter seasons.

ELEVATE'S Leagues provide an organized outlet for Kansas City's local Spring Clubs to compete off-season in preparation for the Spring season.

Summer Leagues

Interested in becoming a Lacrosse Official?



Officials are an integral part of any league and we are in need of more people officiating to help support the rapid growth of Kansas City Lacrosse.  

Great Plains Lacrosse Official Association (GPLOA) was established to assist Lacrosse officials of all ages an introduction into the game of Lacrosse.  Our goal is to provide experienced officials and resources to assist new officials everything necessary to feel confident officiating a game at any level.  GPLOA promotes standardization using literature and videos produced by US Lacrosse and the National Federation High Schools (NFHS) giving teams and coaches confidence that they are seeing the best overall officiating in the Kansas City area.